Hair Barrettes

It’s been a while since I wrote anything here, and as usual much has been happening.

I moved to Tel Aviv ( ) 2 years ago, and it was one of the best decisions that I ever made! I love living here. I find the atmosphere, architecture, people, fashion and social life so inspiring.

I live in a beautiful Bauhaus building ( with high ceilings, a long narrow balcony, and a big bay window, with views to the sea, on a quiet one-way street, next to the famous, fashionable Sheinkin Street, 

and the architecturally beautiful Rothschild Boulevard.

I have a room in my apartment which I have made into a dedicated studio where I can create my jewelry.

I have to’fess up. My studio looks so organized due to the help of the wonderful Melissa. She will come to your home ( if you live in the Sharon area of Israel) and help you organize whatever needs doing. She was amazing and helped me create a system  whereby now I know where every little piece ( and I have a lot of little pieces !) is. Everything was sorted into uniform boxes and labelled. So now, not only can I find everything really easily, I know to where it should be returned. She also organized the rest of my apartment. Her business page is

Today my daughter was kind enough (finally!) to allow me to take photographs of her modelling my hair barrettes. She has beautiful, silky auburn hair with blonde highlights , so it was fun for me to get to play with it 🙂

I love making hair barrettes. They are my mini works of art, and are a great way for me to experiment with different techniques. Currently the finished barrettes that I have for sale are made using millefiori,Pink Flecks Tweed Polymer Clay Pony Tail Hair Barrette Millefiori

silk screening,Polymer Clay Hair Barrette  Silk Screen Skinner Blend  Pink Purple Orange Peach Clip

stamping,Polymer Clay Hair Barrette Stamped Relief Brown Burnt Umber  Cream Floral Pattern e

etching and highlighting with paint or embossing powder,  mokume gane and clay extrusion techniques.Polymer Clay Hair Barrette Cross Stitch Pattern Patchwork

The effects are endless, and wherever possible I like to add a little glitter. Also, since most of the barrettes are smooth, I can sand them and buff them for a shiny,smooth finish .

They are perfect for clipping your hair back in the Summer, and are all available in my Etsy shop.

For a 10% DISCOUNT on orders over $35, use the coupon code BLOG10 at checkout.

Here are a couple of barrettes that I admire created by other polymer clay artists. This one is a lovely example of the mokume gane  technique by Polganistudio.

and a textural example by one of my favorite artists, Chifonie

Polymer clay Hair Barrette, handmade polymer clay hair pin, Mosaic red orange pink white with black patina, Made in France hair pin

I welcome your thoughts and comments.

Have a great week.

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1 Response to Hair Barrettes

  1. Lunes says:

    It’s wonderful to catch up and read you are enjoying life. I could do with someone like Melissa on a daily basis in my studio too.
    My favourite hairs like is the last one with super colour and texture.
    Take care dear Penny and keep blogging xx

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