Haifa International Flower Exhibition

LiliesA cake shop along the Paris Boulevard

During this holiday week of Passover, the city of Haifa ( to the north of Israel ) is hosting the largest flower show ever held in Israel.
A team of Danish designers have created 9 flower worlds in air-conditioned igloo shaped marquises with the following themes :
Flower World, Paris Boulevard, The Hanging Gardens, Land of the Rising Sun, Wild World, Senses Land, Fantasy Land, Never land, and the Vanishing Garden.

I do love a flower! So this morning my best friend, Donna, and I took the train from Herzlia to Haifa,a pleasant 1 hour journey, to see the exhibition. Since I have been to the Hampton Court Palace Flower Show twice, and Donna has been to the Chelsea Flower Show, we were both a bit sceptical as to how good a flower show in Israel could really be?
We were both delighted! It was stunningly beautiful, elegantly presented and extremely professional. The only downside was that everyone else wanted to see it too, so the lines to get into each marquis were long, and it was very hot, standing and waiting. But once inside the marquis it was quite magical. The lighting set the mood, and music and a wonderful scent completed the sensory stimuli.

My favorite one was the Paris Boulevard full of exquisite roses in gorgeous arrangements. They had a ‘bed of roses’ which was literally a bed frame covered in roses! This tent led into another one full of swathes of lilies.

The show is open until April14th and it is recommended that you book your tickets online, as tickets for today were sold out by mid-morning.
You can purchase tickets at http://www.haifaflower.co.il

Responsible for the flower designs are Israeli,Benzi Gil, and his Dutch partner, Alexander Zilmans of http://www.zuidkoop.nl/

In the grounds were lots of food stalls, craft stalls, plants for sale, and activities for children including juggling, bubble blowing and workshops.

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3 Responses to Haifa International Flower Exhibition

  1. Welcome to the world of blogging! I hope you have fun. The flower show was gorgeous wasn’t it? I grew up on flower shows (my Mum was a florist) so I also wondered how good it could be. It was breathtaking! (Israeli queue ‘etiquette’ leaves a lot top be desired though, lol!).

  2. Thanks Lisa! Just taken a peak at your blog, and have signed up. Hope you had fun at the Ice Exhibition. Penny

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