Hair Barrettes

It’s been a while since I wrote anything here, and as usual much has been happening.

I moved to Tel Aviv ( ) 2 years ago, and it was one of the best decisions that I ever made! I love living here. I find the atmosphere, architecture, people, fashion and social life so inspiring.

I live in a beautiful Bauhaus building ( with high ceilings, a long narrow balcony, and a big bay window, with views to the sea, on a quiet one-way street, next to the famous, fashionable Sheinkin Street, 

and the architecturally beautiful Rothschild Boulevard.

I have a room in my apartment which I have made into a dedicated studio where I can create my jewelry.

I have to’fess up. My studio looks so organized due to the help of the wonderful Melissa. She will come to your home ( if you live in the Sharon area of Israel) and help you organize whatever needs doing. She was amazing and helped me create a system  whereby now I know where every little piece ( and I have a lot of little pieces !) is. Everything was sorted into uniform boxes and labelled. So now, not only can I find everything really easily, I know to where it should be returned. She also organized the rest of my apartment. Her business page is

Today my daughter was kind enough (finally!) to allow me to take photographs of her modelling my hair barrettes. She has beautiful, silky auburn hair with blonde highlights , so it was fun for me to get to play with it 🙂

I love making hair barrettes. They are my mini works of art, and are a great way for me to experiment with different techniques. Currently the finished barrettes that I have for sale are made using millefiori,Pink Flecks Tweed Polymer Clay Pony Tail Hair Barrette Millefiori

silk screening,Polymer Clay Hair Barrette  Silk Screen Skinner Blend  Pink Purple Orange Peach Clip

stamping,Polymer Clay Hair Barrette Stamped Relief Brown Burnt Umber  Cream Floral Pattern e

etching and highlighting with paint or embossing powder,  mokume gane and clay extrusion techniques.Polymer Clay Hair Barrette Cross Stitch Pattern Patchwork

The effects are endless, and wherever possible I like to add a little glitter. Also, since most of the barrettes are smooth, I can sand them and buff them for a shiny,smooth finish .

They are perfect for clipping your hair back in the Summer, and are all available in my Etsy shop.

For a 10% DISCOUNT on orders over $35, use the coupon code BLOG10 at checkout.

Here are a couple of barrettes that I admire created by other polymer clay artists. This one is a lovely example of the mokume gane  technique by Polganistudio.

and a textural example by one of my favorite artists, Chifonie

Polymer clay Hair Barrette, handmade polymer clay hair pin, Mosaic red orange pink white with black patina, Made in France hair pin

I welcome your thoughts and comments.

Have a great week.

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Tel Aviv Love Parade 2012

Every year at about this time the streets of Tel Aviv play host to the Love Parade. It is an opportunity for those with alternative lifestyles to really strut their stuff.

I have always promised myself that I would go and enjoy the spectacle, and this year I actually made it! Due to a prior commitment I was unable to get there on time to see the parade itself, but as soon as I was able, my girlfriend, Natalie, and I drove into Tel Aviv. Parking was a real challenge, but with a little luck, we found a spot in the right area, and wandered off towards the beach following the crowds of people.
There was a real mix of people but the ones that stood out were the incredibly hot, toned,tanned,handome men wearing very little!

On the beach a crowded party was in full swing, enjoying the acts and music on the specially constructed stage. We wandered around enjoying the sights, feeling the love – lots of PDA!!, and feeling a little out of place , but too past it to care!

Next year I hope to go again, but on time to see the whole parade!

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Every year towards the end of May, the Ra’anana Park hosts a Ceramics Fair with ceramic artists from all over Israel displaying their wares. It is a 3 evening event, and the first evening was yesterday. I always make sure that I am one of the first there as soon as it opens. It is very well attended, and I want to have the opportunity to see everything before it gets sold!

I enjoy seeing the same artists return each year, and the continuing evolution of their styles. There are also stalls selling equipment for making your own clay creations. This year there is live music and dance shows, and with the floodlit lake behind the tables, and the warm,balmy evening air, the atmostphere is quite magical!

My favorite artist is Shulamit Teiblum-Millar. She specializes in micro crystalline glazes on her beautifully shaped creations. The colors (especially the blues) and the glazes are stunning.

Every year she comes out with a new shape, which of course I just have to own. This year it is a little pot with a lid, as you can see in the photo of my new treasure at the back left.

If you happen to be nearby, make sure you don’t miss out on this year’s show. Tonight and tomorrow only. 6-11pm Enjoy!

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Israel Independence/Memorial Day

On Wednesday  it was Israel’s Memorial Day for the countries’ fallen soldiers and victims of terrorism. It began on Tuesday night with a siren at 8pm, which sounded again at 11am on Wednesday morning. It is a very moving sight to see the whole country come to a standstill, and respectfully bow their heads in memory. Cars on the roads stop, and all you can hear are the sounds of the birds. All day long , programmes are broadcast documenting the loved ones that have been lost, and memorial services are held throughout the country.

Then exactly 24 hours after the beginning of  Memorial Day , we segue seamlessly into celebrating Israel’s Independence Day. It seems so strange to have this heavy day of mourning followed by such a joyous holiday. At 8pm, the parties begin. My city holds a big party in the main park with well-known Israeli artists performing, as well as local children’s choirs and dance troupes. Everybody enjoys the magnificent fireworks displays, and the children adorn themselves with flashing light gizmos, and run around spraying each other with cans of foam and silly string.

Thursday morning we got up before 8 am,  a bit bleary eyed after the previous night’s partying, and drove off North to visit one of the Israeli Air Force Bases.  The drive was not long but the line to get into the base definitely was! So after 2 hours in the car, we stepped out onto the runway to see military planes and helicopters all parked in a row. Each plane had a  pilot (with moviestar good looks!) standing next to it, ready to answer any of our questions. There were also displays of engines, missiles, uniforms and all the survival equipment they carry, as well as gas tanks and other machinery that maintains the planes.

For me, the highlight of the visit was seeing all the fly pasts and aerial displays. There were several helicopter and plane fly pasts that circled a few times over our heads, and then flew off over the rest of the country. The best was a display of 4 jets that flew around doing loops in tight formation and then suddenly dived towards us, splitting apart at the last second. I tried to film this but the sunlight was so strong, and they were directly overhead, so all you see in my clip is the vapor trail, and hear me exclaiming “Wow! Look at that! Isn’t it amazing?”!!!

In the evening the celebrations continued with another free concert hosted by the city park. Tired after my day out,  I enjoyed listening to it from the comfort of my own home, since my house is very close to the park.

It was a joyous and happy 64th Indpendence Day.

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Moo Business Cards

For a long time now, I have known that I needed to order new business cards. The last batch that I ordered was more than 4 years ago, just before I opened my Etsy shop. Because they were new, I felt I couldn’t justify reordering and redesigning a new set, so I rather unprofessionally wrote on the back of each one my etsy website address. Nobody seemed to mind, but I would cringe inside each time I handed one out.
Another reason for my reluctance was the fact that I found it rather a trying experience ordering the original business cards in Israel. The company that I used, were not terribly helpful with the design, and I felt that for a creative person like myself, the end result was sorely lacking.
I often go to the Forums on the etsy website, where I can read reams of useful advice. This is where I found out about the company Moo. They manufacture business cards, postcards,stickers, labels and mini cards.
I especially liked the fact that you can upload up to 100 of your own photographs, so that they can be featured separately on the back of the cards. This results in a unique and memorable business card.
I chose the mini business cards and set about uploading my photographs. This probably took me about an hour. Sometimes I had to delete a photo as it did not always look good in the space available. Once the photos were uploaded I then filled in the information side of the card, choosing an eye-catching bright pink background.The whole process was extremely easy, and quite fun.
I felt the prices were reasonable,and I added to my order a mini- business card holder, and a free sample pack so that I could have a closer look at everything else that is available.
My order arrived today, 15 days after I placed it. This was 12 days sooner than their estimated delivery time.  My order came from the UK(they are also located in the US), but because I live in Israel, I did not have to pay any VAT. The shipping was reasonable too.

I was extremely happy with everything, and only wish I had done it sooner. I can’t wait to start giving them out!

If you are interested in ordering something from the Moo website, just join my Facebook Fan Page, drop me a line and I will send you a link that will give you 10% off your first order at Moo.

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Haifa International Flower Exhibition

LiliesA cake shop along the Paris Boulevard

During this holiday week of Passover, the city of Haifa ( to the north of Israel ) is hosting the largest flower show ever held in Israel.
A team of Danish designers have created 9 flower worlds in air-conditioned igloo shaped marquises with the following themes :
Flower World, Paris Boulevard, The Hanging Gardens, Land of the Rising Sun, Wild World, Senses Land, Fantasy Land, Never land, and the Vanishing Garden.

I do love a flower! So this morning my best friend, Donna, and I took the train from Herzlia to Haifa,a pleasant 1 hour journey, to see the exhibition. Since I have been to the Hampton Court Palace Flower Show twice, and Donna has been to the Chelsea Flower Show, we were both a bit sceptical as to how good a flower show in Israel could really be?
We were both delighted! It was stunningly beautiful, elegantly presented and extremely professional. The only downside was that everyone else wanted to see it too, so the lines to get into each marquis were long, and it was very hot, standing and waiting. But once inside the marquis it was quite magical. The lighting set the mood, and music and a wonderful scent completed the sensory stimuli.

My favorite one was the Paris Boulevard full of exquisite roses in gorgeous arrangements. They had a ‘bed of roses’ which was literally a bed frame covered in roses! This tent led into another one full of swathes of lilies.

The show is open until April14th and it is recommended that you book your tickets online, as tickets for today were sold out by mid-morning.
You can purchase tickets at

Responsible for the flower designs are Israeli,Benzi Gil, and his Dutch partner, Alexander Zilmans of

In the grounds were lots of food stalls, craft stalls, plants for sale, and activities for children including juggling, bubble blowing and workshops.

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Hello world!

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

My first blog! Well, actually it isn’t really! I did start another one somewhere out there in cyberspace a couple of years ago, but I can’t seem to find it. So never mind – fresh slate!
So what is my angle? Why should you bother to read my blog when there are millions of other ones vying for your attention? Good question!
I haven’t quite arrived at the answer yet – I imagine that it will develop over time.
I am originally from London. I have also lived in New York, Moscow and the last 12 years in Israel. I qualified as a dentist, but after marrying, having children and moving around so much, my life took  a different direction.
 A few years ago I discovered polymer clay which combined with my natural creativity, resulted in my setting up an Etsy shop  where I sell whatever I create.
It has opened up a whole new world for me as I have become part of the Israeli Polymer Clay Forum,  studied and continue to study silversmithing, and now that my children are grown-up teenagers, I have something to do that I find fulfilling,
So introductions over!
 See you soon, Penny.
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